Dreamer. Designer. Young Entrepreneur.

PS: Dulu mau bikin web shandyis.me nya pake Bahasa Inggris, tapi gagal hahaha. Jadi bagian about nya biarin deh sementara pake yang bahasa inggris dulu

23 years old. Currently studying Information Systems at Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia.

I started my awesome Journey from Blogging activity. I love writing, and also sharing knowledge with others. My very first blog was created in WordPress platform and I’ve been falling in love with WordPress ever since.

Having passion in Entrepreneurship and decided to become a successful young Enterpreneur, I started my entrepreneur journey as a Freelancer in Graphic Design and Web Development. So far I have experiences of working with people across countries, such as USA, UK, India, Pakistan, and Singapore.

Blog, WordPress and Web Development areas have led me to learn more about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO in short. Having a good website (of both content and design aspect) but without visitor coming to the website is so sucks. Who will read our content? Who will know our expertise? Just like other teenagers, I will never get satisfied. That’s why I learn not only the SEO thingy, which is a technical thing, but also Social Media, like how we interact with our followers in Twitter and how to optimize Facebook as our medium to reach our target market.

Recently, I have met a new thing that I love very much: Marketing. For me, marketing is like mixing science with creativity by using your left and right brain at the same time. As my journey is on the net, I started to learn more about Online Marketing Strategy. We know that nowadays, SEO and Social Media has become popular for customer engangement and retention. In other words, it’s a powerful tools with low cost and HIGH IMPACT!

Interests: WordPress, Social Media, and Social CRM

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